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Service at Klinghammer Group

A machine is only good as long as it runs. To minimize machine downtime, we offer you complete service. Starting with the installation and commissioning of the machine, the training of your employees, to maintenance and repair over the entire lifetime up to disassembly.

Service Technician

Our qualified and trained service technicians take over every task around the machines of Klinghammer Group GmbH worldwide.

  • Commissioning of new machines
  • Training of operating personnel
  • Support with the integration of the machine into the overall line
  • Maintenance and repair of used machines
  • Support with the assembly of spare and wear parts

We will be pleased to prepare a suitable offer for you.

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Spare parts /Tools

Whether current machine models or machines from the 1960s, we manufacture and supply you with any spare or wear part for all Klinghammer Group machines ever produced. A large number of spare parts are available from stock.

    For spare parts inquiries, please provide us with the following information of your machine, if possible:
  • Machine type
  • Machine number
  • Year of manufacture
  • Drawing number of the required spare part

Do you need other tools and the corresponding internal transport elements to produce other products on your Klinghammer Group machines? We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a suitable offer.

Overhauled Klinghammer machines for flanging, seaming and beading

Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen1 Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen2 Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen3 Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen4

We all expect good value for money when we buy a product.

That is why we would like to inform you about our special offer: Invest in top quality at reasonable prices!

Klinghammer Group offers you a wide range of used machines that have been completely overhauled. This means that:

  • each machine has been completely disassembled and cleaned
  • on each machine all damaged parts have been replaced with new ones
  • each machine has had all wearing parts replaced with new ones
  • each machine has new electrical installations
  • each machine has new pneumatic components
  • each machine is equipped with new tools
  • each machine has been repainted

Where applicable, design improvements are made during the overhaul resulting in a machine status of “better than new” compared to original performance in terms of running speed, ability to operate automatically, etc.

As a professional, you will know that a machine with these features is still capable of top performance and the same high quality as before!

But what you may not know is that this quality is now available at especially low prices!

Buy 100% quality and save 30% of your budget!

Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen5 Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen6 Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen7 Überholte Klinghammer-Maschinen8
Technical design can making machine
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