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klinghammer about us banner
klinghammer about us banner

About us

Over 100 years of quality

Klinghammer • Bertil Ohlsson • Larsen


Klinghammer Group builds its machines with a great deal of know-how, accuracy and reliability. The company’s greatest strength lies in its flexibility regarding the type and the size of the can to be produced.

The basis of Klinghammer’s quality concept is to conjoin man and technology in harmony. An open communication between employees, partners and customers adds to the positive atmosphere. Our employees themselves contribute actively to the corporate culture. As a result, we are able to meet the customers’ requirements in a fast, flexible and professional manner. By concentrating on our central skills we are able to improve our service continually.

Klinghammer Group machines feature easy handling, short change-over times, high-precision-tuned production modules and absolute quality. Our versatile solutions are equally as reliable as standard solutions.