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Seaming Rolls Seaming Chucks

In October 2020, our companies Klinghammer, Bertil Ohlsson, Larsen, merged to become Klinghammer Group GmbH. For our customers, this means that we offer 275 years of (combined) experience and competence in can technology under one roof. With the merger, we also streamlined our internal processes and improved our service offerings. All our machines and spare parts are readily available as per usual.

The Original: Klinghammer Seaming Roll

Product Selection

ECO Seaming Rolls made from hardened, hard-wearing tool steel. Available with or without accessories, and at an unbeatable price.

Premium Seaming Rolls made from hardened, high strength tool steel – also available with TiN coating. Our Premium Seaming Rolls satisfy the highest demands in wear resistance and durability.

Cross-manufacturer solutions. We also produce seaming chucks and seaming rolls, which can be fitted in machines from other manufacturers. Client advantages: You can choose those tools, which best suit your specific requirements. We manufacture custom seaming chucks and seaming rolls for almost any machine and any scenario in the can making process, and at a marketleading price. All we need is either a sample or technical drawings.

Accessories. Our seaming roll bearings allow for a simple and fast change-over, thus reducing down-time to a minimum saving you time and money.

Seaming Heads for round or square applications, can bases or funnel tops – are the perfect counter-part for precise, high quality seams in your production.

Improve your bottom line

Our Seaming Rolls and Seaming Heads offer superior quality and durability at an unbeatable price. For cans, canister composite cans, as well as for double and triple seams, we provide costeffective solutions at a market leading price / quality ratio.

Availability and Ordering

We understand that your business depends on the fast availability of spare parts. That’s why we always keep sufficient stock of our ECO Seaming Rolls. In addition, we streamlined our ordering and fulfilment processes, which means that disruptions to your production are kept to a minimum.


Whether you have further questions or simply are after a second opinion – we are here for you via Phone, Email or Zoom.

Hans-Henning Kösel, Sales Manager
Phone: +49 531 30006-38