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Klinghammer Group

For 111 years Klinghammer has been a reliable partner for the canmaking business all over the world. This know-how, a result of over 100 years of company tradition, combined with constant innovation, has made Klinghammer into one of the market leaders in the production of machinery for 3-piece can manufacturing.

IT support and high-speed communication brings us closer to our customers enabling us to react quickly to their needs, 24 hours a day, world-wide.

Our machine covers have been improved, resulting in both a safer and quieter machine, assisting you in working towards a zero-accident safety policy. Future-orientated control units and techniques for smoother operation, modernised driving concepts for simpler output changes and reduced mechanical wear, as well as the shortest change-over times possible are all part and parcel of the company standard - hard to find anywhere else on the market.

Over 100 years of company tradition, know-how and innovation, based on the motto, "Quality that lasts - made in Germany!"

Klinghammer Group GmbH
Am Hafen 2
38112 Braunschweig
+49 531 30006-0
+49 531 30006-45