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Flanger - STA 204 / STA 206

Automatic unit - to flange round and round tapered can bodies on both ends Following variants can be supplied:

  • Automatic Die-Flanging unit
  • Automatic Die-Flanging unit

By using the Die-Flanging model in special design equipped with adequate tooling one body end can be flanged, the other one provided with a curl. Essential features of the Spin-Flanging model are the contra rotating tooling heads with greatest possible number of freewheeling flanging rolls. This model is also suitable to flange thin, hard metals. Both designs are driven by a variable speed gear motor which allows an optimal adaption of output regarding can shape as well as production line. According to the output requested the automatic unit can be supplied with 4 or 6 stations.

Further information is available for this machine (leaflet, photos and video). Please contact us at if you are interested.

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