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Round Cans

For packaging numerous kinds of goods, the demands placed on materials and packaging technologies have increased world-wide. Through decades of experience we have acquired know-how which is continuously being expanded through our innovations. We therefore possess a wide ranging program of the most modern machines, which fulfil the highest technical demands. The machines mentioned are only a part of our program. All models can also be delivered as special designs in order to meet perfectly with individual requirements. The modern, output-oriented line for the production of open-top cans capable of producing a maximum of 220 cans per minute.

flanging, necking, curling, seaming, and beading - round: up to 20 litre.

Flanging, necking, curling, seaming and beading - round: up to 30 litre

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the data sheets in this category are also available as a complete set.

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