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Klinghammer – Customer Success Story: A circle undergoes transformation through triangulation

The Klinghammer automatic seamer model VA 457 is established on the market for seaming round or irregular pails. But with a little imagination, it can also help to solve unusual tasks. A large European can manufacturer uses this model to transform a circle through triangulation, so to speak.

The principle on which seaming machines work is well known: a lid or bottom is placed onto a flanged can body, which is then lifted into a seaming mechanism. The seaming rolls create a seam, after which the seamed can is lowered. Done.

But what if there were no lid or bottom on the can? So that customers could choose any seaming roll profile they wanted? And a servo-drive was added to the feeding mechanism in the seaming head, resulting in an additional, adjustable process parameter?

This could be used, for example, to make a curl with a triangular cross section out of the circular first operation roll.

If the shape was designed correspondingly, such triangulation would make the can more rigid and extremely resistant to deformation. At the same time, it would make it easier to slip on lid-circlip systems and provide them with a secure fit. This could form the basis for a new product line.

And not just in the canmaker’s imagination. A major European canmaker already uses a specially adapted VA 457 model to produce pails with a new type of lid-circlip system, and in doing so, to a certain extent transforms a circle through triangulation.

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