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Klinghammer’s new VLM model range – manufacturing smaller batches economically

The new Klinghammer VLM model range: Vertical – Linear – Modular. Maximum flexibility, minimum change-over times. Made for customers who need to produce smaller batch sizes and a growing variety of cans, whilst increasing their profits.

Hundreds or even thousands of different designs? For numerous diameters - and an even greater variety of heights? Lots of individual orders to produce, but mostly only a few hundred pieces, seldom more than a few thousand? Do change-over and idle times eat up a large share of the line output? Constant enquiries regarding new product variants that have to be rejected because the line structure is too inflexible?

For all our customers who recognise these problems as their own, we have the solution: Klinghammer’s new VLM model range.

The strictly modular concept, including the control systems, provides flexibility for the arrangement of production lines. These can simply be extended or reconfigured at a later date if necessary.

The transport of can bodies by directly linear motor-driven grippers enables high speeds whilst protecting the product to a maximum (for example, no chafing on the lateral guides).

The shortest possible change-over times thanks to optimum accessibility, quick-clamping systems, consistent use of the principle of exchange instead of adjustment, specially developed handing aids, and also control systems with product parameters that require no assembly and can be approached/targeted motor-driven.

A minimum of space is required, since no separate transport is required between the individual production steps.

The VLM model range - the solution for your problems! Please contact us ...!