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Model 481

Modernised features as part of the general overhaul of the automatic die-flanging-machine model 481-166:

Function Old (initial) New (reconditioned)
line operation - not possible - inlet stop
- switch for blockage in outlet and underload in inlet
control system - 2 integrated switches for machine ´ON´ and ´OFF´ - contactor control with switches for line control and safety monitoring
- switch panel with pre-selection ´automatic´ and ´set-up´ mode
- extra switch for inlet stop
body transport - two-part conveyor star - conveyor star made out of one piece
- reinforced conveyor star shaft
drive - output not adjustable - output not adjustable
maintenance of tooling receivers - lubricated slide bearings - exchanged for maintenance-free ball bearings

Outlet of machine:

Inlet of machine:

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