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Model 438

Bei der Generalüberholung der Verschließautomaten Modell 438-91 und 438-93 durchgeführte Modernisierungen:

Function Old (initial) New (reconditioned)
line operation - not possible - new casing lid on Geneva motion
- new table
- body ejector
table adjustment - 4 smooth pillars each individually adjustable by hand (wood-hammer method) - central adjustment with handwheel and threaded spindle
- table as plane alumin. plate with wear plates
drive - conventional motor without brake
- v-belt
- two-stage pulleys to change machine output
- conventional motor with brake
- toothed belt
- frequency converter for infinitely variable machine output
overload safety device - clutch with shear pin - sliding hub in motor shaft
control system - contactor control for driving motor
- 2 integrated switches for machine ´ON´ and ´OFF´
- PLC with diverse switches for control and safety monitoring
- mobile switch panel with key-operated switch for pre-selection of ´automatic´ and ´set-up´ mode
- line information for external control
triggering of seaming procedure - mechanical body monitor
- diverse levers, rods and springs
- contactless body monitor with proximity switch
- directly with pneumatic cylinder
maintenance - lubricated slide bearings - partly exchanged for maintenance-free ball bearings
conveyor stars - made of thin plate - made of 15 mm thick alumin.
- with separate lid guiding to enable exact positioning of body and lid
- magnets for holding the ends securely

Old and new condition of the machine:

Old and new condition of the machine:

438 with pneumatically controlled bottom end feeder:

438 with magnetically controlled top end feeder:

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