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Model 430

This machine is used for the production of round cans. First the bodies are flanged at both ends by the die-flanging process and then provided with a bottom in the seaming station. The operation of the machine is fully automatic.

A body can also be curled instead of flanged. It is also possible to seam on ring lids with press-in lids and pressed on aluminium foil (for coffee and milk powder tins etc.).

The adaptability of the machine gives it a wide range of application.

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Modernised features as part of the reconditioning of automatic flangers / seamers model 430:

Function Old (initial) New (reconditioned)
line operation - possible, but not protected - possible, protected by sensors for underload in the inlet and blockages in the outlet
- inlet stop
lid feeder - mechanical, with various levers, rods, cam and springs - pneumatic with cylinder
conveyor star shaft - two-piece with feather key guide - two-piece as a spline shaft, therefore more exact guiding and less wear
can body monitor - mechanical, with various levers, rods and springs - electric with sensors
- contactless
control system - contactor control within the machine body - new contactor control contained in the switch cabinet next to the machine, with separate operator panel
Value - sets of wheels up to 60 cans / min - sets of wheels up to 100 cans / min

Old and new condition of the machine:

Inlet of the machine:

Outlet of the machine:

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