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Buying second-hand machinery

Klinghammer: we´re willing to buy back our own second-hand machinery

Back to the roots is the motto: Klinghammer´s name is famous world-wide for being a traditional manufacturer of machines and toolings for can manufacturing; Klinghammer´s products are just as much in use in Europe and America as in Asia, Africa and Australia.

The company has now begun a remarkable venture, offering owners of Klinghammer machines, "Made in Braunschweig", the possibility of selling them back. Klinghammer machines enjoy an excellent reputation world-wide and are very popular. The machines manufactured in Braunschweig have an almost umlimited lifespan: 50 or more years is nothing out of the ordinary. Klinghammer offers delivery and assembly for the entire range of toolings and spare parts for all the machines it has built.

Interested? Then please get in touch with Klinghammer, phone (+49) 531 30006-0 or mit uns Kontakt auf!

Klinghammer Group GmbH
Am Hafen 2
38112 Braunschweig
+49 531 30006-0
+49 531 30006-45